Friday, December 20, 2013

Count me in on the Duck Dynasty talk.

It is times like these where I love having a platform to spout off my views :)
So here is what I know.  Reality star Phil Robertson was interviewed by GQ and made some remarks about gay and black people that seemed pretty in character with who he is.
So I am not surprised that an old/elderly man from a small town in the south has less than progressive views about things.  (I personally feel the things said about black people were a lot more telling of his worldview than his feelings about gay people)
I mean, it is no surprise that this family is Christian: they pray at the end of each show, they do appearances at mega-churches, and even sell Duck themed Bibles (which I find utterly ridic.).
I know that gay people want and deserve equal rights and not to be discriminated under the law.  No one should ever be deemed a second class citizen in that regard.  But are we not allowed to have opinions anymore?  This isn't exactly a free speech issue because that only means that Phil cannot get arrested for saying what he said. 
My real issue with this entire (what feels like a prefabricated) controversy is the idea that when under the employ of someone, we really don't have free speech. 
I understand that it works a little differently when you are a TV star vs an accountant at a small ID badge company, but is it that far off?  Because it is funny to me that Alec Baldwin, Michael Richards, Chris Brown, I could go on... have been caught saying and doing utterly terrible (not to mention illegal) things and have essentially zero repercussions in their profession.  The irony is not lost on me that Phil the reality star being interviewed as himself - the exact same person he is portraying on TV - saying things he would say as himself, is deemed unacceptable by the network.  The reality TV curtain has been lifted (ha!). 
But since we pretty much all have jobs working for someone else, are they always going to have some sort of control over what we can say or do outside of our workplace?  I get it that I cannot end my email signature on my work emails with 'white power' or 'Thanks Obamacare'.  Inappropriate.  And when I am sending an email from my work email address I am a representative of my organization.  But if I want to go spout off a blog about how I think Ted Cruz is the biggest turd who ever lived and voted into political office, should my workplace be able to have that sort of reign over me?  Maybe not as a random joe office worker, but say if I were a teacher.  Don't their facebook accounts get scrutinized all the time?  I fear for Aaron's future as an educator with the type of stuff that goes on on his facebook...
Things tend to get heated and probably can offend sensitive folks if your view is different...
Set your page to private, dear.

In conclusion, I just feel it is unfair that you aren't allowed to state an opinion outside of your workplace without fear of losing your livelihood.  He wasn't threatening anyone, merely expressing his views. 
But as for everything else on this topic I think this sums everything up nicely:
the end.

 What do you think about this?  Watch the show?  Let me know!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Is it really Monday already?  This weekend seriously flew by! 

Lets start off the weekend recap with Friday at work.  My office...::shaking my head:: is in horrible need of a facelift.  The ceiling tiles are gross and stained, a paintjob hasn't been had in probably a decade, and the carpet, I won't even go there.  Well the big boss has finally decided an update was due!  This would be good news except we got to work in a windowless office for two days huffing paint fumes while our offices got to look like this:

Perfectly good binders, they were just going to throw them away!

Could they not have done this over the weekend??  Challenge # two is to figure out where all my things are going to go so they can move everything out and lay new carpet.  Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that they are doing all of this, but I am not able to get anything done!
Saturday was fun, I got my hairs cut and then Aaron and I went out shopping a bit.  We spotted the most awesome rich person:
Dressing up their Bentley as a reindeer.  Nice.
New 'do.
I couldn't smile because it made my face look 900 pounds. 
Sunday I baked  I will share some of the delicious things I made later this week, but suffice to say, I dipped oreos in chocolate, made a chex mix thing, made shortbread cookies and a cake, and this took the ENTIRE day.  It doesn't seem like it should?!  But that is why the weekend seemed like it was over in a day.
And #omg do you guys watch Revenge?!  Daniel and Emily's wedding/honeymoon was INSANE!  I can't wait to see how this ridiculous story is going to unfold!! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, can you believe Christmas is only 9 days away?!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


So I think I am due for some updates, yes?  Yeah, I have been scarce around here, with no really good excuse.  I have been enjoying the holidays with friends and family, doing festive Christmas things, and doing work things while at work.  I know, I am terrible, but I really did about 80% of my blog stuff at work and with the year coming to an end and launching a new entity I have most of the day eaten up with work stuff to do.  Pretty awesome.  So no, I haven't fallen out of love with blogging or anything of the sort.  I am going to make an honest effort to post more regularly, because I have been doing loads of fun things :)

So yeah, Thanksgiving was pretty great.  I had the whole week off so I shopped and lazied around big time.  Prepared for the feast.  I remembered to take exactly 3 pictures the entire day of Thanksgiving, so that was a #fail. 
I did snag a photo of the dapper turkey, however.
My little brother and I went black Friday shopping at about noon on Friday and I got a good portion of my Christmas shopping done.  Aaron is totally clueless about what I got him, it is the best.  He seriously doesn't even have the slightest clue. 
Then later in the weekend I went to movie night at Chris and Judy's which was a blast.  We saw a double feature of Rifftrax:  Guy from Harlem and Big Ass Spider!  Both crazy and hilarious in their own ways. :)

Then we got a tree and decked our halls.  I'll share pictures in another post.  Another week of working and such.  Nothing too exciting.  We went to Georgetown last Saturday to celebrate my Buelo turning 85!  Holler!  That was really fun to see everyone. 
Then the day before last we did our tradition of going to the Alamo Draft House for the airing of Home Alone and all you can eat cheese pizza.  So fun!  They also gave us aftershave, a tooth brush approved by the American dental association, some fake tarantulas and a kazoo.  So fun!  If you don't have an Alamo Draft House by you, I am sorry.  They take the whole movie/restaurant concept to the next level and have so many fun events all the time! 
This weekend is going to be a bakeapalooza because that is my Christmas gift to my co-workers, and we only have one more week until we have all of Christmas week off from work!  PRAISE JESUS!!!
So that's what is new with me!  How've you been??

Friday, November 22, 2013

What's Up with That: Sign Spinner Edition

This might be the start of a consistent series because I have so many things I saw 'what's up with that?' to.  Today though, I am asking - what is up with those sign spinners on the side of the road?  More specifically, the ones on the roads I drive on.

I totally get it in most circumstances.  Advertising a sale?  Sure!  Letting the public know that you pay cash for gold?  Okay.  Going out of business sale and everything is 50-70% off?  Absolutely.  You can't really advertise that on your outdoor signage. 

I'll even give a pass to the ones sign spinning for a hot and ready $5 Little Caesars pizza, or a toasty Quiznos sub.  Those sort of decisions can be easily made on a whim as you drive by (or crawl, if it is rush hour in Houston.)

What I don't get at all are the ones for apartment complexes.

Do people really stop in and lease a place to live based on someone spinning a sign on the side of the road?  I mean, I am glad these people have jobs and such, but is this really a good use of money/time?  I suppose the investment in such advertising is very small, but still.  I can't wrap my head around it.  I feel like I should be their target customer since I am a renter who drives this route by their place, but I think it is pointless (though sometimes entertaining when the spinner really gets into it).  Plus, advertising to the entire street, I wonder what percentage of people are even A. Renters and B. Looking to move.  It seems like it would be practically no one. 

Does anyone else find this practice weird?

I love him.  Dance, red track suit guy!

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Mattress!

Hey guys!  I decided to come back after temporarily quitting the internet, lol.  I think I just had a weird introversion episode, which happens sometimes.  I get in a weird funk and I just stop being a responsible person who checks their email everyday or keeps up with hobbies and things they once liked doing.  I think I have snapped out of it though.  It is a vicious cycle though, because I let something go for a day or two, and it gets increasingly more daunting to tackle as you keep putting it off until tomorrow.  I think time away from blogging was beneficial though, because I got caught up on a bunch of work stuff I procrastinated on, and my house got a bit more in order. 

So what else is new...  We got a new mattress!  Our old mattress was in super sad shape.  It was full of lumps and springs poking out places they aren't supposed to.  It had a pillow top too so we couldn't flip it over.  It was a mess. 
We decided on this bad boy (yes I bought a mattress off amazon #weirdo)
I had a giftcard that I won from a giveaway ages ago, and I got a good testimonial from my co-worker so I just went for it.  I was in nearly crippling hip pain like a 90 year old woman because I had a throw pillow under the old mattress to prop it up so I wouldn't be rolling downhill while sleeping and it just threw all my bones out of whack. 

So far the new mattress is really nice!  My hip is like 93% pain free now, and I feel like I sleep better.  I don't feel Aaron rolling around and getting in and out of bed at all hours, so that is awesome.  We have not tested jumping on the bed while a glass of wine is also sitting on the bed, but maybe we can try that this week, lol. 

Now I am off to catch up on all the thousands of blog posts I have missed over the weeks!  Happy Monday :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Election Day!

At Home with the Hinkleys would like to officially endorse Annise Parker for re-election in Houston :)

and also Roland Chavez for City Council because I met him outside my polling locale when I was early voting, and he seems like a pretty solid dude.
Polls are open 7am-7pm
(and don't forget your photo ID, bc Texas is lame.)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A thought explosion from a non-mother RE: Matt Walsh Blog/SAHMs

So we all read that article Matt Walsh posted about What Stay-At-Home-Mom's DO all day, right?  I don't mean to encourage the debate, or offer yet another irrelevant anecdote, or even rehash points that have already been made around the internet.  I don't really know a whole lot about this dude, but I can at very least appreciate his candor.  How he comes up with his 'logic' is often times flawed though (I know this thanks to my involvement with a philosophy scholar for the better part of a decade, I have learned how to logically argue fairly well!)  I am saying this after being especially fired up about his latest gem about the EBT glitch/welfare recipients being thieves... another blog for another day!

So this whole post MW wrote was regarding comments that people he was apparently acquainted with asked about his wife and kids.  Their comments about his wife staying home seemed totally innocent and/or just people making small talk, but it stirred up enough ranty-ness for a blog post.  I thought it was very kind and deserved to celebrate the stay-at-home Mothers.  Just the way it was written, I can see how every other mother (or child raised by, for that matter) who didn't fit into this ideal would be offended.  I was raised by a SAHM, and I was a bit peeved.  Thus this blog

First of all.  It will never be possible to determine if a single human person would be 'better' had they had the opposite of what they experienced.  If my Mom worked when I was growing up would I be less polite?  Maybe not as good at school?  Would I have wound up a pregnant or drugged up teen?  I personally feel like my mother did a fabulous job raising me, but doesn't everyone?  Would I have felt any less loved?  Impossible.  (as far as I know.)  I look to my group of adult friends and colleagues, and we are all normal regular people functioning well in society, and some had parents that worked, and some didn't.  Long story short, in the end, I don't think the fact that you work outside of the home makes a meaningful difference in the long run. 

Secondly, I really hate how jobs are even compared to parenthood.  The only factor to compare is how you spend your time for 40-50 hours per week.  Jobs will always be just jobs.  You show up, get your paycheck and go home.  So whether you have that on your plate or don't, you still have full duties of motherhood and fatherhood going on.  It isn't like you choose one and forgo the other.  I know the counter-argument is that SAHMs are always 'at work' because they never get a break from the home and kid duties, and I feel sympathetic to that for sure.  To that though, I say maybe you need to work in some 'mom-cations' or something because you won't ever be able to escape the need to take care of your living place or your family on the regular(unless you work, of course).  I know I take 'wife-cations' from making dinner sometimes and we eat pizza bagels every night for a week. #don'tcare.  Everyone needs a break, so take one!

I think SAHMs are a rarity these days for several reasons.  A big one is opportunity cost.  I have been working on this little career of mine for some time, and have spent big dollars on educating myself and the like.  It hurts me to even think of putting all I have worked towards on hold for more than a couple years.  If anything, I 100% think if I were to temporarily take time off work it would make way more sense to do it when the kids are teenagers than when they are babies.  I am getting away from my point...  So if one were to not work for about 10 years or so at a professional level, which I am, I'd lose about $750000 in income over that time (est), $75000 wouldn't go into my retirement fund which would eventually grow into around $385K less the cost of daycare (I'll even highball it at $300/wk is $15600 a year - for 5 years is 78,000 per kid.  For say 3 kids that is $234,000.  When I subtract taxes from the mix I'd earn $925,000 in total value and pay $234,000.  Net gain of kids in daycare is $691,000.  Is being at home with my children worth almost three quarters of a mil?  Can you put a price on it?  It is hard to say, but my childless self right now thinks about the nice home we'd be able to provide, and the college educations we will be able to afford, and the vacations we will be able to take.  It seems a bit more appealing to outsource some of the diaper changing, in my opinion. 

I can't really say one way or another of course, because I have no kids, but this article really made me think about my own mother.  My father had a good job that allowed her to stay at home with my brother and I.  I think about how a sense of ambition and wanting to be successful in a career and importance of education all in part came from her and her sacrifices (?right word I am looking for) and how we were raised.  If I didn't have a successful career, and decided to be a career homemaker would that be a giant slap in the face to her?  I think I might feel that way if I had done so much to set my child up for success in the world. 

I don't think I will ever be a SAHM when the kiddos eventually come along.  Mostly just because I need insurance (not the health/life/car kind).  I don't know what tomorrow will bring.  Aaron might wake up 10 years from now and be diagnosed with a terminal illness like my father was.  Or he might get struck by lightning, or a drunk driver.  Or he might just decide one day that he doesn't want to be married to me anymore, or I to him.  I can't have nothing to fall back on.  Life insurance, and prenuptial agreements are great and all, but they just don't feel like enough in my mind that I could take care of myself forever if I needed to.  Plus I would want to be an example to my daughters (I decided we are only having that they can be and do anything.  But they are for sure going to be astronauts and doctors, I've decided. 

So I am clearly on the team of working mom over here, even though I didn't intend to be.  I think SAHMs are very hardworking and noble people and I am sure there is plenty of evidence to show that there are benefits to having a parent at home with the children, plus what greater way to spend your days than caring for your family? (this post is not researched in the slightest).  I am sure that it is the majority of parents' first choice. 

I didn't really have a point to all of this other to share my thoughts.  I think being a parent in and of itself is an amazing gift, and I hope to be among your ranks one day.  And whether you are a working or SAH anything,  don't let Matt Walsh or anyone else make you feel bad about the choices you make for you and your family.  Frankly, it is none of our business to even be commenting on. 

Play us out, Socrates


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I love my new dentist!!!

I am embarrassed to admit that before last week, I have not been to the dentist in about 10 years.  (How old do I sound when I can say something happened in my adult life 10 years ago...?!)  I have been somewhat blessed in the teeth department.  Brushing usually twice a day, but a lot of times only once, and flossing pretty much never while eating a diet consisting of at least 40% sugary crap has yielded only 1 cavity in my whole life.  How? I have no idea, but I'll take it!
Now, 10 years later, I knew that my neglect would surely yield half a dozen root canals, tooth extractions, and other painful and expensive things I don't even know about.  So I saved up a little cushion of money, bought a dental discount plan online and they referred me to The Heights Modern Dentistry.  Actually they referred me to a bunch of places that are trying to be a Hip version of going to the dentist.  Those places always strike me as places that just want to sell you veneers/invisalign/teeth whitening with lasers.  I figured I needed something with a little more medical backing. 
So it is my appointment day, and I am terrified (not of painful things, more impending financial pain).  But everything was so easy, and everyone was really cool and funny!  I got my teeth checked out by Dr. Willie Craddock, who was super cool and very explanatory about all my teeth things.  The dental assistant gal was totally cool and I almost wanted to invite her to hang out sometime, but I thought that would be too weird and pushy.  Side note, it is really cool how in-depth teeth x-rays and such have gotten in 10 years!  #science!
It turned out that I had no cavities!  #winning! And the couple of things they did want to do to my mouth was explained and itemized out with costs on this neat little chair-side computer deal.  The man who handles the business end of everything is a hoot as well.  Everyone in this place is awesome, I want to work there and be their friends!  lol. 
After I approved a fluoride treatment and some lasers to zap out beginnings of gingivitis, I was off to the hygienist, who was also lovely and educational about teeth things.  She made my mouth seem sparkly and new, and even called me yesterday to see how I was doing post-gum lasering (peachy keen, thanks!) ((it didn't hurt at all, but did excellent making the gums around my back tooth less red))  So nice!  And all the while, I had free reign of a big screen TV with a good cable package to boot.  It was daytime, so the best I had was Catfish reruns.  It's all good!
So yeah, everything was easy, affordable, and the least stressful dentist experience I have had.  In closing, I really love these guys and highly recommend them if you are in the central Houston area.  They are right off I-10 and Taylor (south of 10) by the Target.
*This is not a sponsored post, I just really liked this place.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hay Day Addiction

It all started last week.  I was having some nostalgia for my old friend Farmville.  I had deleted it all out of my facebook account probably years ago, but I was curious to see how my old virtual farm was holding up.  I figured all my crops would be dead, and every animal would need feeding, but when I arrived, I couldn't even find a farm.  It was only a bunch of charts with various point levels and such.  I didn't know what to do, so I went in search of a farming game alternative.

Well, I found Hay Day, and got instantly re-addicted, I am sad to admit.  I am constantly checking my phone for updates.  My crops need harvesting, or my sheep need shearing.  Aaron will send me a text during the day asking how my day is going, and I respond with things such as 'I am out of chicken feed!'  or  'My barn is full AGAIN?!'. 

I am certain that there are some subliminal messages, or extreme brain psychology at work in these games.  They hook you, and never let go!  They even used trickery to get me to spend $4.99 on diamonds which can help my buy virtual farming supplies.  Because I don't have enough to do or buy...

Moral of the story, this is why I have been absent from blogging as much, and not returning emails in timely manners.  Because I am working on my farm like some sort of crack head.  #insane.

Does anyone else play this game?  Or have other game addictions?  I hear candy crush is brutal, I am too scared to even try that one!

Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm with Wendy

I am so happy that Wendy is running!  Texas needs some Rick Perry recovery!

Monday, September 30, 2013

We Got a Roku!

Happy Monday, friends!  Hope everyone had a pretty great weekend.  Something exciting happened for the Hinkley TV this weekend.  We got a Roku!  See ya, Comcast!  Well, the cable, not the internet of course.  So far, I am delighted with the new TV watching options.

I was not super eager to get rid of the regular cable TV.  Mainly because I love having the DVR so I can record overlapping shows, or on the off chance I am out gallivanting around town, it is there waiting for me to watch when I get home.  It had become just a comfortable thing that I didn't want to change. 

I also love cable because of all the options.  When I am at home, I am pretty much in veg mode.  I worked all day, sat in traffic insanity for a while.  I just want to zone out.  Cable provides hundred of channels at my disposal, so I can always find something interesting. 

But yeah, I am sick of the bill, and sick of the time suck that is Cable TV.  So we are going to try out the Roku.  I am sure the $$ saving will make be a believer.  I am also thinking/hoping that TV watching will become much more intentional.  Because as of now, I will totally watch a 4 hour Hoarders marathon just because it is on.  Why not spend 4 hours studying for my CPA exam, or reading a book, or even getting out of the house and living life (gasp!). 

I am a teeny bit sad that there doesn't seem to be a direct way to watch HGTV and Food Network, which are admittedly my biggest TV time sucks.  This is probably a blessing in disguise, so I wont complain too loudly yet. 

I am excited for the new TV adventure though, and regaining some of my life back. 

Any tips/tricks/etc welcomed! :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 places to go if you find yourself in Tokyo

I have not been on a vacation in a hot minute.  Actually it was around a year ago, so I am due!  It was a year ago that my brother and I took a trip to Tokyo, Japan.  I was way nervous going, and wasn't sure I would even like it.  I prefer a good beach vacation, what can I say?  But holy moly, I had the greatest time, and it was an experience I will remember my whole life!

So here are my top 5 things to do in Tokyo

1. Asakusa (Ass-ah-koo-sah)

One of my favorite stops on the trip.  There are Japanese temples and shrines, along with rows and rows of vendors selling all kinds of things.  I did 90% of my souvenir shopping here!

2. Tokyo Fish Market

It is a sight to behold.  I wish we had gotten there at 5 in the AM to see more of the fish flying around and such, but we still got to see a lot and there were a few streets of little shops there.  My brother got some really sweet kitchen knives here - restaurant caliber.  And if you love sushi, it is AWESOME (and a little weird).  Like straight out of the water onto your plate freshness.  The place we went was in several travel guides we read, so we stood in like for 30 minutes to then cram into a teeny place the size of a large walk in closet.  The bar has maybe 10 seats, no a/c, and you are sitting shoulder to shoulder with everyone.  It is not super comfortable.  But the sushi, wow.  So good.  Yeah we ate some mystery stuff that looked kind of like guts (it was sea urchin...) but it was a legit Japanese experience, if you ask me!

3. Tokyo National Museum Or Tokyo Disney

Depending on your interests.  If you are a museum fan, this museum is really cool.  If you like adventure and Disney, check out Tokyo Disney.  The museum is near a really pretty park and we had a nice time exploring the area.  Disney was kind of fun, but I kinda prefer USA Disney.  Or maybe I am just to old to find it as magical as I did as a kid?  Fun fact though, I think we saw maybe 2 dressed up characters that actually worked there, and about 15 park patrons dressed up like a Disney character.  Kinda strange, but fun :)

I couldn't get good lighting for my museum photos, but this was part of the park

Tokyo Disney

4. Hakone(Ha-ko-nay)/ Mt. Fuju

Mt. Fuji is simply breathtaking.  After hustling and bustling in the city amongst the millions of Japanese, this was a relaxing side journey out of the city.  We took a cable car up the mountain, ate black hard boiled eggs that are said to increase your life my 5 years, took a pirate ship to the quaintest little town.  I loved it!  My God, the weather was amazing too.  We went in September and it was pretty hot in the city, but nice and cool in the mountains. #geography

They love Hello Kitty over there
#notapostcard #isthisreallife?
A bowl of amazing.  Soba noodles and tempura shrimp the size of a small banana.
(Japan is really a phenomenal place for foodies.)

5. Odiaba (Oh-dee-ah-bah)

Odiaba is a touristy little place on a manmade island thing.  There were beautiful shopping malls that rival the ones in Las Vegas, a giant Gundam robot thing outside another, a giant ferris wheel where you get views of the whole city and so much more.  We really had a great time here!  My favorite was getting to the mall about 30 minutes before it opened and seeing the line of Japanese people outside of the Old Navy.  #wha?!  And in a little grocery shop in the mall we saw Old El Paso stuff and were happy the Mexican culture was represented in the east.  lol.

Domo Arigato.


Honorable Mention: Find an Ichiran and eat there
This bowl of ramen noodles may have been the best thing I have ever eaten in my life.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy's thoughts, though I didn't watch.

For someone who loves TV as much as I do, I did not care to miss the Emmy's last night.  (um, hello, Sisterwives finale?!) 

I don't really care for the Emmy's because they don't appreciate the TV shows that I seem to be drawn to.  I can rarely get into a drama show, because I like to spend my free time laughing.  The only one I am really into is Madmen, and they continually get snubbed.  Plus most of the acclaimed shows are on HBO, and we don't get that channel.  The comedies that get recognized don't do it for me either.  I really liked Modern Family when it first came out (and maybe the second season too) but I don't even watch it anymore because it bores me.  To think it is still the caliber of show to win best comedy?  I don't think so, Vern.  Big Bang Theory Jim Parson's too.  You are playing the same nerd you've been playing for years, is it still worthy of recognition?  The reality shows should really be my category, but I don't watch any of those either.  It's all singing and contest shows.  Meh.  Singing shows are just glorified karaoke to me, and once you've seen a couple seasons of has-been celebrities ballroom dance you get the picture.  #overit

However, I was so happy Colbert Report won for best variety show!  I like the Daily Show as much as the next guy, but John Stewart is just a little too idon'tknow.  Plus it is more real news show, and that isn't as fun.  Stephen Colbert is 100% lovable, hysterical, and I cannot get enough.  I wish it would come on early because I am usually struggling to keep my eyes open by that hour.  Either way, yay for Colbert Report!

My hero, Zooey Deschanel was picture perfect and flawless as usual <3
Did you watch?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Trying out the Friday's Letters Link Up, and ranting. Always ranting.

Dear Life,
I can't seem to get caught up with you.  Work is still really busy so I don't have time to write witty tweets or insightful blog posts.  Then I get home and I am all tired and don't even want to touch a computer.  I need to go back to that one week where I wrote all my posts on the weekend.  That was such a smooth sailing low stress week.  #lightbulb
First off, thank you for being the nice person that you are and taking care of Cocoa.  I would point out though, that this letter is very self congratulatory, so I am glad you feel good about yourself.  You should.  But I am not happy with the light in which you choose to paint the former owners.  I think you make assumptions that they are just some middle class family that got tired of dealing with their incontinent dog and sent it to the pound.  How, I am unsure?  I can think of 1000 reasons how you are probably putting your foot in your mouth with this letter, and the first would be that this was an easy decision for the former owner.  Maybe they were elderly?  Maybe they had to walk there?  Maybe the no-kill shelter was full?  Maybe something happened and they couldn't afford to take care of Cocoa anymore?  Whatever the reason, it shouldn't just be assumed that they are horrible and you are the angel.  It isn't like Cocoa was picked up from some dog fighting ring, or was abused in any way, or even abandoned on the side of the road or the like.  I know a lot of people have bleeding hearts for animals and this would be equal to leaving their sick child at the orphanage, but I disagree.  Articles like this seem to me like they are just shaming people for using a service for its intention to humanely care for animals, and if need be humanely euthanize them.  The whole shaming people thing is getting a bit out of hand, is all.  Especially when you know basically jack about the other side of the story.  #endrant  ::edit: Shaming the shamer doesn't make me any better.  Noted.::
Dear Beach,
I am coming for you.  Just stop having hurricane activity and making it rain all the time.  I have a billion vacation days I need to use up, just cooperate.  We only have 2 more months of beach weather left!
Happy Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thoughts on Current Events

Not too much going on in my personal life right now, so it is a good time to offer up commentary on current events.  #opinionated

To the victims of the Washing DC Navy Yard mass shooting.  I am so sorry your life was ended short.  I feel like I am getting desensitized to these sort of events, and that is highly highly disturbing to me.  I don't know what we can do, but when will all this craziness end??  Wishing their loved ones peace and comfort during all this... 
Once again, the internets is quick to show us how ignorant and racist our fellow humans are: re: Miss America.  For f-'s sake.  Learn some geography, first of all.  Secondly, open your flipping eyes, America is all sorts of colors?!  I just can't with these people.  CAN'T.
I caught the tail end of the show, and I thought her talent was original and well performed, and she had the best answer to the interview question.  Well deserved.  Though I kind of with beauty pageants would just go away, as the practice of objectifying and comparing women up against each other is really not necessary or progressive whatsoever.
More prayers going out to Colorado.  If you have some extra funds to help, here is a list of good places to donate.  When will mother nature stop trying to kill us off??
Lastly, I just heard this gem:  Madmen finale will be spread over two years.  This is frustrating, because Madmen is really the reason I have been holding off on pulling the plug on cable tv service.  I can hulu/Netflix/antenna everything else, but I feel a weird need to be watching Madmen live, with the rest of the world.  Like we are all in communion with the story as it unfolds.  #insane.  I don't know if I want to foot the bill for another 2 years though.  I mean, really. 
That's all I got for the day.  Feel free to weigh in!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall TV I am looking forward to!

I am so ready for fall TV to get here.  It never really feels like fall until they quit with all the summer re-runs, right?  The TV connoisseur that I am, I have been looking at the line up and seeing if I need to get my TIVO prepared for the new shows coming out.  Gotta be prepared, guys. 

Anyways, here are the shows I will be watching this fall:

The Veterans:

1. Revenge.  Duh, I am obsessed.  The story line is completely insane, but I just have to know what happens!

2. Parks and Rec.  The lone wolf left behind by a stellar Thursday lineup that was.  I have high hopes, but this is seriously the only good looking show for Thursdays from here on out.

3.  The Middle.  I love this family.  Especially Sue, because she is me, lol.  Looking forward to more laughs with these guys.  Side note:  what happened to Suburgatory??  I need that show back in my life too.

4.  New Girl.  Yay!  This is starting tomorrow!  I can't wait to see how the Nick and Jess romance goes, and all the shenanigans Schmidt gets into.  This show is so much fun!

5.  Shark Tank.  These people are my heroes and I love them.  Can't wait to see all the new proposals people have!

The Newbs:

I can't say I am excited about these, but moreso intrigued.  I think they have a decent flop potential, but we will give them the ol' college try.
1.  Super Fun Night.  I have no idea what this show's premise is going to be, but I enjoy Rebel Wilson, so I will give it a shot.  Outcasts trying to fit in is always a good time though, right?
2.  Brooklyn 99.  I had no intention of watching this show until I heard a review on the radio that said it was pretty funny.  I like Andy Samburg and all, so we will see how it goes.
3.  The Goldbergs.  Because who doesn't love the 80's??  I was thisclose to booking an 80's cover band for our wedding reception, so I have a love for the decade.  Plus I loved the Mom (Wendi McLendon-Covey) from Reno 911, so I am willing to give it a try.
Really that is all I got.  A lot of the new shows just seem cheesy, or down right bad.  Maybe this will be a good thing, as I watch far too much TV as it is...
What are you looking forward to watching??
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