Saturday, December 8, 2012

Writer's Block.

I am having a serious case of not knowing anything good to blog about.

I used all my good ideas on guest posts I have scheduled with other blogs, so I'll update when those happen.

I had a fun day shopping today but I can't share my finds because my family and friends read this.  I think the need for secrecy based upon my most recent activities are the root of the issue of what to write about.

So for now I will just let it go, and not try to overwork my brain.  Something good will come out tomorrow I'm sure!


sarahssidebar said...

hahaha... brain fart? Take a small break :) You'll come up with something

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Blogger Block...quite a common ailment. I sometimes get the most random inspiration for a blog post and then I immediately put it in my phone-notes so that I don't forget it.

Helene said...

I think a lot of bloggers go through this, I am sure your wheels will be turning before you know it!

Kelly said...

I have never had this problem (too much to say) but this meme is hysterical!

Sparkles and Shoes

Unknown said...

I really enjoy your blog! I agree with you on finding new things to blog about. I find myself needing to come up with totally amazing, life changing topics, but some days I stare at the computer, not having anything to talk about!

Stop on by if you ever have a chance!

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