Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Years Resolution: Food Edition

I am a plan ahead kind of gal.  It is borderline crazy how I sort of have the next 10 years outlined for where I want to be with my career and family planning and our finances and stuff.  It is out of control, I know this.  So it should not be surprising that I have been thinking about New Years resolutions that I want to tackle in 2013 for about a month now.

Since I will be finished with classes in 3 short days (YAY!) I am super excited about being able to come home after my work day and cook a healthy and delicious dinner for Aaron and I.  Ever since day 1 of our marriage school has kept me from being home by dinner time most nights of the week.  Then I am exhausted from a busy week and when I am home we go out to eat or pick something up.  Lazy town, and it gets expensive too.  And it bums me out that instead of having our dining out experiences at somewhere cool and hip, we just go eat at Pei Wei or Chipotle constantly.  (Don't get me wrong, those places are delicious).  But dangit, we are in the middle of a giant city and in close proximity to really awesome places, and we are eating at Pei Wei?!

This is just wrong, and it needs to stop.  So I want to make a resolution to a. eat out less, and b. spend our dining out dollars at places that are cool/local/new to us.

This brings me to my next food related resolution, is that I want to learn how to make pretty food.  Like something a pretentious foodie hipster would love(Aaron.)((love you, dear)).  No joke guys, we have subscriptions to Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart Living, VegNews, and probably some others that have seriously beautiful looking food.  Everything I make tastes like blah, and ends up like this:

                                                                             Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

I want to remedy this and since I will have the time, I want to make things that look more like these:

Not to mention we have like 1000 cookbooks that I rarely use!
We have 63 of those bad boys.

So while I am not having a Julie and Julia kind of year planned, I do want to make a much better effort in the kitchen.  

Has anyone else thought about resolutions for 2013 yet?  Or banking on the fact that the world is ending on 12/21 and not worrying about it? lol  


vicky said...

That is a very good "healthy" New Year's resolution. Good luck with it. You can do it. Me? I guess my New Year's resolution would have to be to get some regular exercise in my life to tone up this flubby body after losing 24 pounds this pastr year. Nailed that resolution!!!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Great idea for a resolution! Congrats on being finished with classes in 3 days :)

Helene said...

i think that's a great resolution! saving money and you'll end up eating healthier too!

Laura said...

this sounds like an awesome NY's resolution! I only have time to cook once mayyybe twice a week but when I don't...I make sure to have other great items on hand to quickly throw together a meal rather than going out all the time. Salads, pre-cut vegetables, marinated chicken that just needs to be thrown in the oven or grill, all can really be thrown together in a short amount of time. I too have a desire to make pretty looking food...and it's easy to get caught up in all the food blogs - but I still have to get better with my camera and food photog set-ups and most of the time, I'm just too darn hungry to worry about all of that!

Rachel said...

I think I'll be making some goals to accomplish in the next year, though I'm not entirely sure what they'll be yet! :P Cooking at home is a great thing to go for--I love eating out but I always feel better about what we're eating when I've cooked it. I wouldn't go so far as pretty food for myself though--I'm a severely practical cook. :P

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