Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Today in our Church/house we celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas - who is in part the origin of Santa Clause, word up!

December 6th is this magical day, and by magical I mean that we don't make that much of a thing of it, but we trade little presents.

Here's what St. Nicholas left me:

The Hallmark 'Our First Christmas 2012' ornament!
AND he vacuumed!  <3

He was super nice to me, all he got Aaron were some Hot Cheetos and Takis and some lotto tickets.  Because Saints totally condone gambling, or so I've heard...

gift inspired by:
(St. Nicholas is a fan of the urban youth funnycuteawesomeness)

I sing this to Aaron all the time.

That is about all going on over here aside from my brain exploding from finals!  Two down and one to go until I am done with school!  I'd say it is an amazing feeling, but I am stressing about this last class and that test isn't until the 18th!?  Sheesh, why not have it on Christmas Day why don't you??  

Anyways, I hope you are having a fantastic week so far, it is almost Friday!! 


The Millers said...

Just found your adorable blog through the giveaway! i am excited to be your newest follower, would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)

Helene said...

haha love the video and so fun to celebrate St Nicholas day!

Judy Conaton said...

Somehow I had never heard of St. Nicholas Day until this year. And now I'm hearing about it everywhere! It's weird when things happen like that.

Laura said...

that ornament is so cute! I've heard of St. Nicholas day before, I had a friend growing up who celebrated, but I never have. Glad you had a great night to celebrate it!

emi said...

love love love your blog! so happy to have found it, and we are now following! come follow along at XO

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