Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Advanced Accounting,

I hate you.
P( $&*# %Y_$*W#(YPHIUWEPHHFIUBSDLIUGFP( &* _($^#_%(WQ*#Yihateyou.

I don't just hate school for not good reason.  I can appreciate a good challenge, and I totally like accounting a whole lot, but this class is ridiculous.
I 99% place blame on our teacher.
This fool is crazy disorganized.  If you ever go to his office hours you will learn that his office is like an episode of hoarders.  Not at all surprising that he runs his courses with equal disarray. 
On day one, we got a syllabus spelling out the course and the schedule and how we will be graded.  Awesome.  Except we didn't really stick to that schedule whatsoever.  We reschedule tests the week before, the 4 homework assignments that were to be due all through the semester were just given to us and due on the day of the final(like we don't need to be spending this time studying...), and we ran out of time, so the last two chapters we have to learn on our own. 
You come to class about 20 minutes late every single week.  You question our work ethic, because everyone is doing poorly.  I took an unofficial survey of people who sit around me, and my D level grade was the highest.  Which, for that, I can only thank the TA who tutors me and a few other classmates since the beginning of the semester.  Never in my life have I had to pay for tutoring?!  And then to still be doing so awful?!  It is infuriating.
To be honest, I like getting good grades and all, but they are a low low priority to me compared to my grasp of the subject matter.  I am going to start sitting for the CPA exam next month, and I am not going to pay $1500 bucks for one of those BS review courses when I should have learned all the stuff I need from the $25,000 worth of education I have bought over the past two years.  And in this class, I feel as lost as I did on day 1.  Can I request a refund?
And to add insult to injury, EVERY professor I have had in the program has been some adjunct person who doesn't even really work there, and THIS guy is a real professor at U of H.  wth.  He is the absolute worst.  The WORST!!!
So while I should be looking forward to a fun filled Christmas-ish weekend, I must give more time and money to tutoring.  I have to meet the tutor tonight, and Sunday afternoon so I have a prayer of doing okay on our final exam on Tuesday.  And why on earth is this final happening so late?  It is for real a week from Christmas.  Nuts.
And don't even get me started about how stupid work is being lately.  They love starting new projects when we are busy as fug with closing out the year and stuff. :\ 
Ugh I want it to be Wednesday already.   
sorry for all the complaining, I hope to be happy again soon, lol.


Rachel @ front row seat said...

My advanced accounting teacher was THE exact same way. They end up getting tenure and could care less how their lessons in the classroom go. There is sooo much pressure put on research that the classroom falls to the wayside. If it makes you feel any better, there wasn't a whole lot of topics covered in the class that were actually on the CPA exam. There are a few, but none that are eath shatteringly difficult.

Kate as of Late said...

O goodness! I feel like this is becoming more and more what I hear about professors rather than good reports. My most recent experience includes a germaphobe professor who wouldn't allow me to take a test also kicked me out of class as well as her office (twice) because she was afraid of getting sick... My future at the university now depends on her. How fun is that?
I hope that the class doesn't stress you out too much, and that studying goes well! Good luck on your exam!
Again, im so sorry that this class was like that for you!!

Megan said...

I didn't know you were studying Accounting! That is what my degree is in too! And my Advanced Accounting class was the same freaking way! We had a visiting professor teaching the class and he came in one day and says, "Oh, btw, what I taught you yesterday was incorrect. We are going to do it the right way today." WTF??!!! We as students complained so much about him that they had one of our other professors come in with about 8 weeks left and start the class over for us. It was absolutely ridiculous. But I understood more of it after the other professor came in. I want to sit for the CPA so bad, but I just don't have the money to spend on the study materials or the test right now. I hope you do well!

Taylor Brione said...

Thats how I feel with my Finte and Math Reasoning class! The teachers aren't no doing thier part!

good luck! You'll do fine in the end!
Taylor Brione

ChatterBlossom said...

Oh geez! Good luck on the final. Sorry about the overall suck-tastic prof!

a_mo said...

Oh that stinks, Natalie!! I'm so sorry. I know it doesn't help now, but maybe you can let the chair of the department know what's going on? Some of that stuff is just really unacceptable-- professors always tell students that the syllabus is a contract for the students, but sometimes I think they forget it's a contract for them too.

emi said...

advanced accounting..not fun, but impressive! hope it went well.xo

Marquis Clarke said...

Good luck on your final, hope it goes/went well! I am one of your newest followers and just wanted to wish you luck and sorry for the no-fun professor/class. If you get a chance after finals, i would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me back. Thanks and hope you have a great DAY!!

Marquis Clarke

Anonymous said...

My advice is to go straight to the director of your department and tell him all of these things. They may take it seriously especially since hes testing you on chapters not covered by lecture. This kind of stuff happens a lot more than you would think with full time professors. so frustrating. Nicole M

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