Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Recap/photo dump!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!  Mine was fabulous and filled with family, joy, and too much food.  And waaaay too many gifts, I am a spoiled brat, you guys.

Christmas Eve was spent baking up a storm while Aaron was at work.  I made chocolate dipped oreos, shortbread, and jewel cookies.  My treats turned out delicious!
We ain't dieting 'til January 1st!

It was so great that Christmas fell on my brother's days off, so when he got home at 6am from the 911 dispatching he does, we opened presents.  And lemme tell ya, I cleaned up!

Squishy kitchen mat!  Will be helpful for when I make my pretty food

New books!  I got two cookbooks on Japanese cuisine which I am obsessed with trying to recreate since my trip to Tokyo.  Anthropology of an American Girl which I have wanted to read for a while now, just never found time to buy it, let alone read it.  And Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit for Aaron and I's dream of being Christmas Tree farmers, lol.  

I got my mom's gently used bread machine!  (I told her to get me one second-hand because it is very likely that I will make 2 loaves of bread and be done with it) Bridesmaids on DVD and Wheel of Fortune for the Wii!  I love that game, and I am pretty convinced that I would take Pat Sajak for hundreds of thousands of dollars if I were ever on the show.  I am that good.  lol

TWO Marc Jacobs phone cases!  I love them both, so I will swap them out for even wear and tear :D

and a Marc Jacobs tote bag!  <3  Aaron knows me well :)

And a Costco membership!  Even though we are only two people, we are gonna shop in bulk and it is going to be awesome.  We went today, and the churros alone are worth the cost of membership! (thank you Angela for recommending those, wow!)

Bagel Bites forever!!!

I also got some clothes, Sarah Jessica Parker perfume, some CD's and giftcards and cash.  Spoiled brat. And my absolute favorite gift was from Jeff, he made this totally awesome snapfish book of pictures from our Japan trip, and it was just so cool and I love it so much!  He won Christmas this year.

Aaron successfully pulled off his first prank ever!  Every year since Aaron has spent Christmas with us,  he always puts an orange in everyone's stocking.  And every year Jeff joking complains about getting fruit in his stocking.  So this year Aaron filled all of Jeff's stocking with oranges, and when he saw it we all had a giant laugh.  Looking forward to Jeff's revenge next year, lol.

My Mom is eager to finish the 50 Shades of Grey series.  Gross.  lol

My Mom won Christmas according to Aaron by giving him the vacuum cleaner of his dreams.  I refused to let him buy it because our vacuum works perfectly fine and we only like in 900 square feet of carpet, so we don't need a new vacuum at all.  
I married a weird guy, I know.

After we ate breakfast and such we loaded up to go to Austin to celebrate with my mom's family in Austin.  

Granny and Aunt Gloria are working on the feast, stylishly festive of course!

Opening gifts


Heather and Randall


We brought back kimonos from Japan for the ladies :)

And Sake for Uncle Howard

My Granny is the biggest Spurs fan on the planet, which is sort of hilarious

Travis, contemplating becoming a flight attendant? 
(that was the ongoing joke from the day, you had to be there...)

And there you have it, Christmas 2012!  I hope everyone had as great a day as we did! :)

What did Santa bring you??


Helene said...

what a fun time!!! your grandmother looks like a good time!

vicky said...

Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas! And your gifts...I'm jealous! Have a wonderful New Year's Day as well!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Looks like you all had an amazing and Merry Christmas :)

Shoshanah said...

I've been wanting a squishy kitchen mat too! I even registered for one, but I'm still without. I'm guessing it's going to have to be something I buy for myself.

Anonymous said...

Okay... your mom is awesome for reading 50 Shades... and Bridesmaids is the SHIT!

PS. I am pretty sure you can't find my new blog... it's You have to unfollow and refollow to get me back in your dashboard. I hate google. I swear.

a_mo said...

Yes to the churros! So good!!! We'll send your Christmas (and birthday!!) box soon, I promise. I miss you!

Kenya said...

It's just me and the hubs, and we have a Costco membership. Best. Thing. Ever. We are there all the time, as in multiple times a month!! But for the churros AND their pizza... totaly worth it. :)

Thirty Something Girl said...

Your Granny looks like such a laugh. Saying she a Tottenham Hotspurs (Love the shirt)fan. She obviously likes her english football then.

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