Monday, December 3, 2012

A Big LOL to my apartment complex.

If you didn't know, Aaron and I live in an apartment in Houston.  We are a stones throw from the downtown area, but we are in a safe-ish area.  Even still, our apartment parking garage has both a barrier bar and a gate to keep out the riff-raff.
Sorry it is blurry

Now let me tell you the backstory of this 'secure' entry into the garage.  

This bar is unforgiving.

The very first day we lived here I knocked the bar arm thing off of the machine that lifts it up and down because I tried to just go in behind someone who already scanned their card to open it.  I quickly learned that this bar has no motion sensor or anything to tell it that it is about to crash into your windshield, and it moves fast.  You scan your card to open it, and you had better book it to the gate, or you will be it's next victim.

So this bar is seen rolling in the street all the time.  It gets knocked down, and it will be off for a few weeks before it is replaced.  Aaron and I find it quite funny that we will leave for dinner and it will be attached, and return an hour later and it is gone again.  Like why do they even bother?  

But then sometimes something like this happens in the middle of the day!

The picture is terrible quality, but this is a car belonging to one of our neighbors propped up on two bricks, with its wheels apparently stolen.  This actually happens outside of the projects?! yup.

All I can do is just laugh about the weird things that happen and don't make any sense. 

Then this afternoon I got this email:

With detailed instructions on how not to knock the bar down.

and I LOLed forever.


Kristen said...

haha this is too great! "this actually happens outside of the projects?!" lol. who would've thought this could happen in river oaks!!

sarahssidebar said...

oh me oh my!

Kelley @ said...

Now that is funny!! LOL!!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wow...that's quite interesting. I thought the whole propping-cars-up-to-steal-their-tires thing was an urban legend. Suppose not!

Helene said...

hahaha ohhhh girl, so funny.

Hall Around Texas said...

Things like that used to happen in my hometown all the time (Grand Prairie). It was more common to see a car sitting on bricks than not! lol

Rachel said...

Oh wow, that email is too hilarious--plus the fact that they are constantly having to put the bar back on!

Jessica G said...

I want to laugh so hard, but if I was the maintenance guy that has to fix that, I would probably hate my life. Side note, I might suggest getting lock lug nuts for your wheels just to be safe.

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