Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5 reasons I hope the world doesn't end on Friday

I am back in full effect!  My office internet was broken this morning, and yesterday I was cramming for a final I had that night (it went horrible, thanks for asking:\).  I so I wasn't officially participating the the day of silence that a lot of blogs I read did, it just happened to work out timing wise with me having more pressing matters at hand.

So after my test, I was pretty happy with the idea of the world ending on Friday.  Then I thought about it some more and I thought of a bunch of reasons why I hope it doesn't.  (For the record, I am very certain the world wont end on Friday)

Either way, I give you:

5 reasons I hope the world doesn't end on Friday

5. Inconsistent Church Attendance

Ever since Aaron got his new Target job, he has been on the closing shift Saturday night.  So when he is getting home at 1 in the AM, waking up early for church isn't really happening so much.  Then I have been having tutoring for my horrible class most Sunday afternoons, or it has been raining.  We are fully of excuses, I know this.  But yeah, if Friday is it, I think I could be in better graces with the Man Upstairs than what currently stands. 
4. I am about to have 1000 days off.
This may seem like not a big deal to teachers, or the stay at home moms out there, but I have 11 days in a row where I don't have anywhere to be!  I love vacations like you wouldn't believe, but I am the type that will work half a day when my plane leaves at 2pm so that I can use that half day on my next trip.  I don't really call in sick ever, because the sad thing about being a one man accounting department is that when I don't show up, I just get to double time it the next day.  All the work I ever have to do gets done by me, so there is no 'real' vacation happening.  But yeah, we are super slow during this time of year, so rather than waste money keeping the lights on so we all can surf the web all day, they are just shutting down the whole week!  New Years day falls on Tuesday as well, so they went ahead and threw in that Monday too.  Aaron and all my family will be working, so I will just get to be a stay at home wife for a week and a half (minus Christmas Day when we go to Austin).  Oh, the closet organizing plans I have in store...!
3.  It is about to be Christmas!!
I am pumped to go to Austin and see family!  And I am pumped (albeit selfishly) about where I know Aaron shopped for one of my Christmas gifts:

I am getting something fancy!!
2. Tamale weekend!!!
I am really excited about this weekend, my brother and I are making tamales for the very first time!  We have loved eating them for decades, but now we have decided to take it to the next level and embrace our culture.  No longer will we be the whitest Hispanic kids in town, this is official street cred.  And I will probably start talking with an accent after, so just be prepared. 
We sure do love some Mexican food though
1.  Honey Boo Boo Holiday Special
This would not be a blog post from yours truly without reality TV being mentioned, right?
Alana and Co. will be gracing our TV screens again on January 6th, so I really don't want the world to end yet.  I know this show has many naysayers, but it is so so hilarious!  And I am not even laughing at them, they are in on the joke and embrace it.  They are who they are, and make no apologies! 
Barbara, Tim and I get it.
So here is hoping Saturday happens! (and all the days after as well!) :)
Are you anxiously awaiting 12/21/12?



Helene said...

when my post goes live tomorrow i swear on my life I'm not copying you. even on the honey boo boo part. I swear. haha great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

ohhh my god, HONEY BOO BOO IS BACK!

My life has meaning again:)

sarahssidebar said...

GO TO CHURCH NATALIE! :P God loves you!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

You had me at Honey Boo Boo

SEL said...

I don't understand what the vacation time off has to do with teachers/sahm's? I was a teacher before becoming a sahm, and we don't EVER have 11 days where we don't have something to do?! Even on summer vacation as a teacher, we're always doing something. :)

Logan Cantrell said...

I love this show!

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