Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Ridiculous List of Thanks

It is Thanksgiving week!  Hurray!  To be perfectly frank, I am already over Thanksgiving and ready for full on Christmas, lol.  Thanksgiving is merely a prequel to the greatest holiday of the year.

And as a prequel to this post, I am of course so thankful for my family and friends and the amazing life I get to live every day.  That being said, I also delight in questionable things, and wish to pay homage to them right now, lol.

1. Sisterwives is back on tonight!!! :D

Sisterwives is such a fun show to watching because these people are fascinating, and totally ridiculous all at the same time.  One minute I want to snark on them, then the next I am rooting for them to overcome some weird family of 25 obstacle that they are facing.  And for the life of me, I cannot understand how Kody Brown convinced FOUR different people to marry him, especially Jenel because she seems like the only smart one out of the bunch.  He is lame beyond words.  You can bet I will be all over twitter tonight.  #sisterwives !!!!  I am so thankful for TLC and the hours of enjoyment they bring into my life.
1.2 I am glad that Revenge isn't on tonight, because I don't know how I would choose which to watch first, because I like to follow the Twitter feed for that show too because it is way crazy with the plot twists.

2. Aaron's new job!
Don't get too excited, he hasn't finished his PhD and gotten his dream job yet :\  But he started a part time gig at the Target.  To the naked eye, this is just a lame retail job, who cares.  Here's why this is great:
a. Employee Discount y'all.  10% on all the things!  And if you use a Target credit card, it is an additional 5%.  15% off already low low prices?!  This is fantastic!
b.  I get to make this joke all the time now:

c.  I get alone time!!!  I love Aaron dearly, but he is at home every second of the day that I am home.  My schedule is pretty much I leave at 7am and if I have school that night, I get home at 9pm, if not, I am home about 5:30pm.  Aaron's dream life of a grad student he's out the door around 9am and back by like 3pm at the very latest.  He works from home a lot (using the term 'works' loosely...)  ((jk, dear)) so my introverted self never ever gets to be home all by myself except on the rare occasion that he will go run an errand or two on Saturday.  I know that may sound weird, and I am glad he isn't out with his buddies golfing 24/7 or whatever other people's husbands might do, but I just want the place to myself sometimes.  I figure this is probably just prep for motherhood where I wont get to be alone for like 18 years, lol.

3.  My wardrobe that 97% of doesn't require ironing.
I woke up this morning in a fine mood.  I am having a fun weekend, I didn't wake up to an alarm, I am still alive.  Life was a.ok.  Then when I was getting ready to go to church, I only had one option of clean + weather appropriate shirt and it was wrinkled!  Oh the horror!
So I ironed it.
I don't know what it is about ironing but I hate it with fiery passion of 1000 suns.  It is such a simple mundane thing, it shouldn't be so hard!  After half a second of ironing my shirt, my pleasant mood turned sour and I was annoyed with everything that crossed my path.  
The thing with ironing (and also cooking, it turns out) is that is shouldn't be hard.  Not to sound like the complete jerk I am about to sound like, but I am a pretty smart gal, and people waaay not even on my level can be good at ironing or cooking with no problem.  Like it would confuse them how someone wouldn't be good at ironing.  But I am that person.  Whether I take super good care to follow instructions of properly ironing, or just haphazardly go for it, temperature recommendations be damned, the shirt looks like it hasn't been ironed at all.  And it isn't like I have a bunch of shirts that need ironing.  There are only like three of them, and I have had them for years and have attempted to iron them about 500 times.  Sometimes hot, sometimes hotter, sometimes with steam, sometimes no steam, sometimes with starch, no steam...etc...I have done all the combinations.  So in short, I am glad I don't have to iron much.  (though maybe if I did it more, I'd be better at it?)

So that is what I am thankful for today, lol.  What funny things are you thankful for?


Nikki said...

I was also excited to see Sister Wives back on again last night. I'm with you, Kodi is beyond strange. And hooray for your new discount at Target! Love that place!

sarahssidebar said...

Hi, Natalie! I'm a new follower from Texans who blog! :D
Welcome, welcome!
Excited about your hubby's new job for the discount! HOLLER!

I'm at

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