Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Irene gets possessed by a demon.

I was going to post a simple weekend recap, but something crazy happened!  (If I am turning into one of those lame people who only tells stories about the cat, please let me know, lol)
A quick rundown of the weekend.  I drove across town in Friday rush hour to go to Cici's pizza with Aaron and my friends on Friday night.  So fun, and I stuffed my face with pizza.  The Saturday, I went to pick up my race packet and then Aaron and I saw 007, which was really good.  Went to my Moms house for dinner, came home from a nice little day out. 

So it is Saturday night, we are just watching TV and such.  We live in an apartment on the second floor, so we normally will crack the door to the balcony/porch area and let Irene the cat wonder around out there and stare at the birds, or chase little bugs.  The porch is enclosed on the two sides, and the side facing out has a little ledge, then about a foot or so of railing.  Irene usually sits on the ledge and watches stuff, but today she was pacing back and forth really fast and making this horrible growling noise which I could hear from the couch.

Mistake number 1 happened when Aaron didn't believe that the growling noise was coming from Irene.  He went to the porch to investigate.

Here is where Irene seriously flipped her shiz. 

She went on full out attack like nothing I had ever seen.  It was a full on hissing, scratching and biting spastic loud cat fight ordeal on Aaron's leg.  This infuritates Aaron and he throws her off of him.  He attempts to re-enter the apartment, and she does it again!  I am terrified right now, she is clearly possessed by a demon.  In a less than patient fury, he yells obscenities in the cat's face and retreats to the bedroom to remove the claws from his leg and tend to his wounds.  She stays in the living room making the demon grow, and hissing if I even make a move.  Finally she parks it at the hallway entrance, and just sits there.  When I look at her, she just growls and looks at me with her dead demon-like eyes.  This is not the same Irene. 

We are now hostages in our own home.  Irene doesn't even relax and take a nap like she does 95% of her life.  She sits there staring down the hallway at the closed bedroom door.  waiting. 
I am somewhat glad that her aggression is mainly focused on Aaron since he starled her away from whatever she was originally getting all worked up about, but still.  I can't get my laundry out of the dryer, I can't get to the kitchen to try to calm her down with some treats.  I try to look around and see if I can macguyver a tranquilizer dart out of found objects in the livingroom.

Aaron opens the bedroom door, to check out the situation.  Irene starts freaking out again. 

What would Jackson Galaxy do?  (Aside from growing interesting facial hair...)

I take the opportunity to run into the kitchen and grab the treats.  I fling treats to the floor.
She doesn't even budge. 
The Demons don't respond to treats?!?! 
So I go back to the couch and wait it out some more.  FINALLY she is at least laying down, exhausted from her being in attack mode for hours on end I am sure.  I hit the lights, and scramble into the bedroom.  We go to sleep with one eye open.
In the morning, she is pretty much back to normal, like the demon was never even there.  She is never particularly nice, but she wasn't trying to attack anyone when we got within a foot or two of her.  Occasionally, days later now, she will start making the demon growl.  Is she just having a flashback, or is the demon still in her? 
It is exactly like the end of horror movies, when they are trying to let you know a sequel is coming.

I need a young priest, and an old priest...
We never did figure out what got her so upset in the first place but she has since not been back onto the porch.

Moral of the story?  Cats are the absolute worst!
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Laura said...

o.m.g. this is the most terrifying thing i've ever read!! I'm sorry, this is why I can't stand cats. I LOVE kittens..give me a kitten any day. But I just can't get on board the cat-train. Get a doggie!!

Glad the "demon" is gone and she's back to normal, stay safe!!


You and me both! Aaron loves her more than me I think, so I just have to deal for now. Our next pet will be a dog if I get my way... :)

Unknown said...

Crazy cat!
Thanks for joining my blog hop


Crazy, indeed!
And thanks for hosting it, I found a bung of great new blogs to read :)



Anonymous said...

Please allow me to rebut this post. It wasn't nearly as terrifying as Natalie suggests. And I love Irene even if she went berserk one night. She's 7 years old. This has never happened before. I don't love her more than my wife. However, she's my cat. I've raised her since she was 8 weeks old. I am attached to her and she is attached to me. And I don't dislike dogs, and am willing to have one, but I will never not have a cat.

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