Thursday, November 15, 2012

I don't get Instagram

I feel like I am about to get a bunch of tomatoes thrown at me Fozzie Bear style, but for the love of God, I do not understand the wild popularity of Instagram.
A bit of a disclaimer, I am late to adopt almost all new technology.  I never think these newfangled contraptions and apps are necessary in my life until I am annoying all my loved ones by not having it.  (like a texting plan on my cell phone)  I usually will sign onto something after it is old news and something even better is coming along.  To this day I will buy still buy CDs instead of mp3s.  They might just be a fad...?  But if you use and love instagram, I hope you do not take offense.  I am just an old lady waiving her cane at kids on her lawn here, and I still love you.
I get the appeal of authentically old photos, absolutely.  You see the washed out images of your Mom as a young girl, or you and your brother as babies and long for a simpler time when we had crappy cameras and spent our days playing outside because no one got kidnapped back then.  Or through the grainy image you can be transformed back into a time when big hair (outside of Texas) and wood panelling was the norm.  Those things are cool, because they are rare.  You are lucky if you can find a shoebox full in your Grandpa's attic.  But now with Intragram these phony old looking pics are everywhere.  Like we are in a darn timewarp. 
Purposely taking a low quality looking photo doesn't make sense to me.  I like sharp colorful pictures of things from the 'now' world.  I say leave fuzzy dulled colored things in the past.  I wonder, when anthropologists study our civilization centuries from now, will this be super confusing to them?  In the mean time, I can't really tell if that meal you are eating looks appetizing, if your outfit is really even cute, or if you went to the Grand Canyon last summer or in the 70's.  My eyes just go all squinty. 
This whole thing reminds me of a conversation I had with some cousins a few months back.  I understand peoples' desire to 'go backwards' with certain things, especially health things.  Like making your own yogurt in a crock pot.  You want to bypass the commercially created less nutritious sugar laden stuff, good for you if you have the time.  There is some logic there.  But I learned that a new up and coming thing is for people to roast their own coffee beans.  Yeah, that is a thing.  Why?  For Pete's sake, why?!??  It is like we have all of these brilliant technologies that make our lives easier and efficient, and they are shunned by these nouveau hipster foodie people who I guess have all the time in the world to negate comparative advantage.  I would kill for that amount of free time.
I digress.
We can take brilliant beautiful, mostly clear pictures with nothing more than our cell phones, and I feel like Instagram is slapping that in the face.  Kids these days.
Is this just another nail in the coffin of real life artsy photographers? 
Digital photography is both a blessing and a curse, if you ask me.  Blessings are obvious, so I wont even bother listing them.  However, there are too many darn photographs in the world now.  Without the constraints of owning a camera, needing film, paying for developing etc, we are bombarded with pictures non-stop.  I would be selective about what I am capturing in I only have 24 shots, but now I can have unlimited photos of my duck face, my cat, my dinner.  Does anyone actually care to see all this?  We have our own mundane pets and duck faces to make.
But now since all these fancy and artsy photography amateurs are around and flooding the world with these photos, what hope does an actual photographer have?  They probably went to school or taught themselves interesting techniques and effects, etc.  But now they are just getting lost in the shuffle.    
And like anything super trendy, it may have had a cool factor at first, but now since I am beaten to death with it everywhere I turn I have lost all interest in checking it out. 
So in closing, I'd like to say you're welcome Instagram users, because we all know that once Natalie starts doing something, it is officially branded as lame. ;)
If you use instagram, might I ask why you love it so?  I'm sure there is something I am not getting!



Vanessa Miller said...

Thanks for following me! I am your newest follower too! I have not gotten into Instagram and I don't understand the fascination either. I mean, I do edit some of my photos to have that antique look but not all of them!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I love Instagram because of its social aspect. I can see the little things going on in people's lives. What they're wearing, their nail color, or meal. I get inspiration through others as well.


thanks so much! I am glad I am not understanding instagram alone, lol


right on, I have some friends on facebook that say they prefer it for the same reasons, and also it keeps all those random little pics off facebook feeds. Knowing me I'll sign up in a year when no one uses it anymore, lol.

BeautyStyleGrowth said...

I still don't get Instagram either. i have it but. I don't use it
K at

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