Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa, I have been about as good as I have been any of the other years, so I thought I could go ahead and assume I am on the good list and let you know what you can bring me this year...

I would like a bread machine, preferably second hand.  I don't want a brand new one because it is highly likely that I will make one loaf of bread and be done with it.  I am hoping that Mr. Money Mustache is right and it can save us loads of money.  But just in case it doesn't, I don't want your elves to have to make a big fuss about one.  I bet they could find one on craigslist for like $20 bucks.  

As you probably know, my phone case is cracked, so it would be cool if I could get  new one of those. Marc Jacobs has a load of super cute ones.  Here are some of my faves:

Of course I haven't bought any new music all year, so I am really needing to get some new tunes.  They can be in the form of CD or itunes gift cards:

 New Andrew Bird!
New Tilly and the Wall!

New No Doubt!
New(ish) Regina Spektor
New Ke$ha!  
(yeah, I like Ke$ha, so what? lol)

And you know, clothes, books, and other stuff you know I always enjoy would be great as well. :)

And if you are feeling suuuuuuuper generous, I would appreciate this bag that I wanted the moment I saw it.

What are you hoping to find under your tree??


vicky said...

Nice list! Hopefully doable for Santa! I have a bread machine and I love it! The whole family does! You can make all kinds of breads or just the dough for homemade pizza! I have found a mill and buy my flour there instead of packaged at the store.(Cheaper and less preservatives!)

Nikki said...

My phone case just cracked too so hopefully Santa will be brining me a new one as well :)

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