Friday, November 9, 2012

A Presidential Thanksgiving

Aaron may complain about having to hear about politics and the election constantly for months on end, but I know secretly he loves it.  Case in point, his idea for Thanksgiving.  We are going to attempt to create the whole meal (minus some necessary favorites of the family) with presidential recipes.  There are a bunch out there, like the Reagan's cranberry sauce, loads of different pies, we just need to find a good turkey recipe, and perhaps something extra fattening from Taft, j/k :). If you don't know Aaron, he loves politics, history, and food, so this will be a delicious combination!  Some things he is considering:


I am so thankful that I have a husband who enjoys cooking and is actually very good at it.  If only he wanted to cook at times other than just  I suppose I'll take what I can get!
What are you having for Thanksgiving?


Laura said...

that's so awesome, what a great idea! A presidential thanksgiving - sounds perfect!


we thought this is the best year to do it :)

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