Tuesday, May 1, 2012

About Me

For starters, I hate writing things about myself... I never know what to say!

Here goes nothing...

I am Natalie, I am 31.  I live in Houston with Aaron.  We've been married for 1 year and a couple months.  I am an accountant for a small company on the SW side of town.  Aaron is working on his PhD in philosophy, going on year #6 I think?  I wish he'd finish soon...

I really love to laugh and make others laugh.  I love music.  I love cheese.  I love to travel, I love TV.  I love math and economics and graphs.  I love making lists.  I love to discuss current events.  I love to cook and I love even more to eat.  I love to plan things.  I love the Orthodox Church, I love giving advice.  Sometimes I just love silence.  

I hate having curly hair in a humid climate, I hate when a song is overplayed on the radio, I hate when my emotions get the best of me.  That is all I can think of for now, I don't hate a whole lot.

That is about all I have for now.  I'm really not too terribly interesting, lol.  

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